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In our shared endeavor to refine and celebrate genuine leadership, we understand that the insights from “Leading from Your Best Self” often spark a thirst for deeper exploration. In service of this, we’ve meticulously curated a range of supporting materials to complement and enrich your experience with Rob Salafia’s core teachings.

Chapter 5 - Develop a Vocal Cadence Video

Unearth the power of your voice. This illuminating video provides expert guidance on how voice cadence can influence perceptions and enhance your communicative impact.

Engage more deeply with this comprehensive worksheet designed to align with the book’s core teachings. They’ll guide you through introspective exercises, aiding in the discovery of your signature stance and aiding in the development of unshakeable self-confidence.

The goal of this process is to create a leader-initiated activity focused on enhancing team effectiveness. It is important to note that the actions to be taken belong to the group, this is not the responsibility of the team leader. The team leader is only responsible for keeping energy and focus on the conversation month to month.

1. In advance of the team meeting hand out the Google article to the members of your team. Ask them to read the article and be prepared to discuss it.

2. At the next meeting open a discussion about the article, and, as a group, discuss each of the five dimensions for creating team effectiveness.

3. Hand out the rating sheet. Ask each person to rate both themselves, as well as the team on each of the five dimensions.

4. Ask each person to report out each of their ratings and explain why.

  • If in the report out the team demonstrates significant psychological safety, you might open a deeper conversation. It would be important to discuss functional ways of giving and receiving feedback.
  • If not, this could be an excellent topic for a 1:1 developmental conversation with each person around their individual scores.

5. Ask the team to create a team composite score on each of the dimensions.

6. Ask the team to look at the lowest scoring dimension and, as a team, decide how they can work together to increase the score 1 point. Give the team one month to work on this dimension. (It is advisable to keep the individual rating discussions between the manager and direct report)

7. At the next meeting, take 15 minutes to check in about the actions the team has been taking around the chosen dimension. This accountability is critical for the success of the process.

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